Saturday, December 10, 2011

About this Blog

I was having a lovely afternoon in Ms. Molly's library with Liam this past Friday. We were having a rich discussions about gaming and our plans for our minecraft club.  Me being me, I became easily distracted and went off on tangents as we talked.  Apparently the stories I tell about the gaming my family did when I was a child, and the gaming we continue to do as adults, is entertaining and not, as I had always thought, just plain we weird.

I was encouraged to share my stories, and since they flattered me sufficiently here I am.

This space is where I plan to share memories of gaming (both board and computer/console) and what I am currently doing, as well as stuff I find that I think is cool.  Some of my musings will probably relate back to what Ms. Molly, Liam and I are doing with edugaming.  So really, like the title says, this blog will probably be pretty random.

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