About Me

I wonder if anyone actually reads these pages.

I am a teacher in Toronto; teaching mostly as a teacher librarian, and currently as a literacy coach -long story.

I have lived in Toronto my whole life and have two parents, two siblings, (brother and sister) and a brother-in-law.  My family has always gamed and I enjoy gaming with all my friends and family.  I may not be a hard core gamer, but I make up for it in enthusiasm.  I do preffer computer gaming to console gamining unless it's group games like Rock Band, Mario Cart, etc.

One of my favourite places to visit is Snakes and Lattes.  Great games, great staff.

I love playing mmo's.  My favourites over the years being; Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft.  For the Horde!  I am currently playing a Sith Merc in Star Wars Old Republic.  Lots of pew pew fun is beng had.

Also, I am a scifi geek.  I love all Dr. Whos, even grandpa, Firefly, Star Wars, and Trek, Stargate, Farscape... you get the picture.